Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Loves; My Horses

This is my love, Sandy. We fell in love when I was feeding for friends. They had just bought her at a sale and she had an injury I had to clean and doctor. She was all by herself because the other horses picked on her. She was only about 1 year old and scared of people and all the changes she was going through. I asked my friends if I could buy her and because they were horse-poor at the time, they hauled her to my house.
We bonded nicely; she is very sweet and has a great heart and mind. I have no idea what breed she is but I was told she looked Mustang, which she does a bit but also Quarter Horse. The picture above was taken a little more than a year ago and I think she was about 1-1/2 years old. I named her after a horse a friend of mine had when I was young. My Sandy looks just like Linda's Sandy with a caramel coat, a flurry of blond mane and tail, a wide blaze and attitude!
I had to move my horses rather quickly last year and when I did the friend that helped asked me when Sandy was going to have her baby???!!!!
I took a good look at my horse and realized that he was right. The hay belly I thought she had was a lot larger than it should have been.
In March last year I went out on the boat with friends and when we came back I went by the pasture I had the horses in to feed and before I pulled up I told my friends that one day I was going to find another horse in the pasture when I came out to feed. You guessed, that very day I found I had another horse in the pasture! A perfect little filly.
The picture above was taken just one week after she was born. God told me to wait for this wonder and so I named her Nadan which in Hebrew means "Gift from God." I call her Dani and she is so awesome! Even more so than her lovely mommy!
This place I had her in right after she was born was on a busy road and people from all over would stop to pet her and feed the horses carrots and grass they picked. She got to be VERY friendly because of it and absolutely Loves people. The picture to the left was taken when she was about two months old. That is my son Raymond and the Princess Sugar who rules our home . She is now 13 hh tall and will be one year old soon. I believe she will be taller and wider than mom who is a little on the narrow chested side and only stands 14.3 hh. I love short horses (shorter distance to fall! hehehehe!) so that's good for me. But Dani will be taller and more Quarter-Horsey in conformation. Well, those are my two loves and I hope you enjoyed meeting them. I am currently working with Sandy on ground work. She wears a saddle and bridel and when I get my round pen up we;ll have a nice place to work on drills such as stopping (ohh so important to teach a young horse! hehehehe!) and other fun stuff that with her little attitude I am certain she will just LLLUUUVVVV!!!! Not.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww! I enjoyed reading about and seeing pics of Sandy and her foal Dani. Such beauties!
Did Sandy come bred? What did the stallion look like?
Dani looks just like her Mother, though :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I'll be back soon for another visit to yours, too.


Caprice said...

Sandy's baby was a complete surprise to all of us so the answer is yes- she came to me already bred. We think she may have been bred at the auction yard the night my friends left her there and that may be the reason for her knee wound I had to take care of also. If not she was bred right before the prior owner took her to the sale (which may be why he did). She would have only been 1 year old. They bought her in June of 07 and she had Dani in March of 08. I think the stud was moer quarter horse becasue of the way Dani has turned out.
Thanks for stopping by! Come Again!

Carolina said...

Oh, your horse and foal are gorgeous. I love this story. Although your Sandi was a bit young to have a foal it all worked out great. How lovely. I can hardly sleep now because of the nerves for the upcoming birth. Seriously. Your scenario would suit me far better ;-)