Thursday, July 23, 2009

SkyWatch- Moon Watch

Didn't mean to stay gone so long. Gettin' busy tryin to get a new job. Got laid off from my contractor accounting job and looking for somehting to replace that 2-3 days of work. Had 2 interviews today and one would be a super cool place to work. Really praying that is the place God wants me to be. Please pray too, any p/t job will do.

I took this picture during the May full moon. It's looking off my back deck, over the hills below me and into the central valley (the lights are approx. N. Merced/Atwater area). I love this view. I've lived many places but this is by far the greatest place I've ever lived, with the beautiful views, my horses Sandy and Dani here with me and the pool. When it's hot and sultry the pool is the best place to be. At night I float and watch the stars come out. Listen to some jazz, or Christian, or rock, or country... depends on the mood.

Hope you enjoy this view as much as I do.

Have a super weekend.