Monday, February 9, 2009

How Different Two Boys Can Be

I have two boys, Jeremiah, who lives in Oklahoma with his family (see prior post for pics of Grandson Kody) and Raymond who lives with me here in California.

The picture above was taken several years ago before we moved to Don Pedro. It is so typical of these two only children that eventually lived togther and struggled to get along.

Jeremiah's dad, Sam, was born and raised in Oklahoma and then came to California as an adult. He had his own business and was very successful. Most of his family was still in Oklahoma. His brothers, Billy Jack and Glen, his stepmother Alene, his daughter, Susan, and her kids. His mother died of cancer when he was 18 and his father was gone by this time too. He had a step-brother (auugh! I can't remember his name) who lived in L.A. and we saw him rarely. Sam died when Jeremiah was 11 and it was terribly hard on him, as you would expect. They were very close and Jeremiah still grieves that loss. Before Sam died they took a trip to Oklahoma and I think that's what prompted Jeremiah, after graduating high school here, to move back there. He got a job in the oil fields, went through that awful ice storm and then came back to Ca for a little while. But his heart was not in San Fran it was in Oklahoma so he moved back there again. Then he met Lori and that sealed it. He lives on a large ranch and hunts and fishes a lot and works a little. He talks like an Okie, walks like an Okie, thinks like an Okie... He must be an Okie! I am so thankful to God that he is happy and well and is enjoying his life, however, if I want a relationship with my grandkids I have to move to Ok because he will never move back to Ca.

Raymond went through his cowboy/ redneck stage then grew out of that. Becasue of is dad and his brother he had to try the cowboy/ redneck thing for a little while. He decided he liked the surfer/skater dude image better. He loves the ocean and I'm sure he will eventually end up living close to the sea. He is totally into sports and loves basketball. He is a good player and will do well. He wants to go to college, which Jeremiah scoffed, preferably UC Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, San Diego, etc. He dreams of a life in sports either playing or managing or ??? He plays B-ball at high school and although they have only won a few games, they are a great group of boys with high hopes for future years. Raymond enjoys his coach and is learning a lot. The basketball season will be winding up soon and unfortunately they haven't been able to play one game in their soon-to-open gym. It was scheduled for completion in November but still has not opened.

They certainly are two very different boys, but they are good boys, they love God and they love their mother so what else matters, right?

This picture was taken in Oklahoma on the Canadian River when Jeremiah took us fishing. (What else would your redneck son do when company comes. We'd already done "the Wal-mart")

As you would expect I love these two more than life itself. I'm so glad they are different in some ways but the same in what matters most: strong, loving, kind-hearted, loyal, honest, hard working and they both love the Lord.

What more could you ask for?


Wanda said...

What a great post..... I'm so far behind in my posting and commenting.... But love all your pictures and stories. You are a natural for being a blogger!!!

Yes, you can have a letter, and because you love horses... I will give you the letter "H" ~~ Have fun..and I'll be back to read your list!.

Loven and miss you toooooooo!


2sweetnsaxy said...

Very nice post. It is interesting how two can be so different.

Cheryl Ann said...

Yes, I have horses, too! If you go to my profile and click on deserthorses, that's my horse blog! So nice of you to stop by! Where is La Grange? Northern California? My sister-in-law lives in Napa, brother-in-law in Gardnerville.

photowannabe said...

I love your way with words. What more can one ask for than kids that love the Lord and are living wonderful happy and fulfilled lives.