Thursday, November 5, 2009

Been Gone Too Long!

Love those bare feet!

Kody Boatright, ladies and gentleman!

Hey Blogger Friends! Sorry I was gone so long. Summer was SO busy! Took a short trip with my son to Seattle and had a great time! Been busy with work- not all good unfortunately but that's why they call it work, right? If it was fun, it would be called somethiing else.

Just stole these pics off Jeremiah and Lori's Facebook and I have to share!

This is my Grandson Kody. Isn't he quite the Dapper Man? And already playing Chopin!

I'll post some of my Seattle pics on Friday. Got some great SkyWatch and Watery Wednesday pics.

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Judy said...

Good to see you again!! I was starting to wonder if you had been sick or something!! Glad to hear that you are simply busy being a Grnadma!! Among other things! I love the tux and the bare feet!!