Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Watery Wednesday- Happy Mother's Day!

This is Lake Don Pedro! I have been wanting to post this photo for awhile and now is the perfect time. This was taken on Mother's Day 2007. This is my brother Scott's boat and my son Raymond on the tow line. My mom Suzanne, my ex-husband and myself were on our pontoon boat meandering around while Scott, his wife Jodie and my sister Denise were speeding around on his new boat. Raymond was the first on the tube that morning. A few minutes after this photo was taken Scott hit a submerged sand bar/ rock and high centered the boat. It took a tow barge with a crane to lift him off of it several hours later and then they towed him back to the ramp. Scott was very upset that the lake was so darn mean to him that day!!! Did I mention that when the barge came around his boat to get close enough to lift him off the sand bar/ rock the barge captain hit the side of Scott's boat and put a huge hole in the side? It was just not Scott's day!

So this Mother's Day we all decided to stay off the water!

Here's hoping you have a great Mother's Day!


2sweetnsaxy said...

That sounds like a horrible day for your brother. Wow. How awful!

Caprice- said...

It was an awful day for him but we were all laughing. What'cha gonna do?

A Beach House Dreamer said...

Looks like a very beautiful area!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I don't blame you or your brother. lol! I would, too. Maybe just sitting in some beach chairs drinking a few cold drinks would be better...and safer. lol!

Great pics, though!


D Nelson said...

Greetings. Enjoyed some of your photo's. I'm planning a wakeboard and either houseboat or camping trip to Don Pedro for June and wanted to know what area of the lake is best? What area holds the wind the best for glassy water all day? And how is camping in late june? Thanks in advance for any info.


Caprice- said...

I tried going to your blog but you are not public. I hope you get this response.
I haven't spent much time on the lake amd I don't ski/wakeboard but here is my opinion:
I like Mocassin Marina/Campground. You can camp right at the water's edge. There isn't as much open space for windy areas - and I think you're looking for not so windy. The down side: it is a long slow ride to fast water from the campground there. That is on the east side of the lake near Jamestown and off Hwy 120.
On the west side off Hwy 132 and La Grange Road I would stay at Fleming Meadows because of the marina/store/gas/etc. Forty Niner is straight across from the marina/boat ramp there and that is where a lot of people ski. There is a ski slalom set up in a cove near Jenkin's Hill and there will be little or no wind thru the canyon going toward Mocassin.
It is always hot here in the summer but we do get an occasional summer rain. In late June plan on 95-100 degree weather and bring lot's of sunscreen and Off.
Have a great time!